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Posted on Sep 19, 2014

Scorecard rates Congress members on immigration and LGBT issues

Our friends at Immigration Equality have developed a great, graphic resource for the upcoming election that scores politicians in upcoming races based on their votes, actions and inactions on immigration and LGBT issues together. The scorecard lets you see how someone voted and what they said about the issue.

This easily sharable tool will help folks make important decisions in November.


September 19, 2014
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Posted on Sep 18, 2014

Latino LGBT organizers hold events that highlight intersecting struggles in TX and CA

This Friday and Saturday in Dallas the League of Latina American Citizens (LULAC) Rainbow Council will hold the Tejano Pride Reception and Summit that highlight issues of important to Latino LGBT people during Dallas Pride including family acceptance and spirituality. This is the 3rd annual Summit that the Council has organized in order to ensure that Latino LGBT people, their families and allies have the information they need to engage on issue that impact the community. Some of the organizations on the speaker's list this year include Mi Familia Vota, Equality Texas and Lambda Legal.

Next Saturday, September 27th in Los Angeles, powerful advocate Bamby Salcedo and the TransLatina Coalition will hold a fashion show called GARRAS (Groundbreaking Activism Redirecting and Reforming All Systems) to raise funds for their organizing work which centers on immigration, anti-trans discrimination, anti-hate crimes and general visibility for issues that affect trans people of color. The Translatina Coalition brings together trans Latinas from throughout the country.

These events are examples of work going on throughout the country to lift up the issues that impact LGBT people of color.


September 18, 2014
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Posted on Sep 18, 2014

Out in the 1950s: a documentary shares one Latina lesbian’s story

Nancy Valverde can tell you what it was like to be out in the 1950s in Los Angeles--very difficult. LGBT people could be and were arrested by police for "masquerading"-wearing any items of clothing that the police deemed belonged "to the opposite gender." The first time that Valverde was arrested for this she was 17, according to the documentary in which Valverde appears called Nancy from Eastside Clover.  In the documentary, directed by Gregorio Davila and produced by Mario J. Novoa, she recounts the abuse and harassment she encountered in the county and city jails. She also touches on her reality as a Chicana and a lesbian and an amazing moment of solidarity she experienced as Chicano men imprisoned with her took up her cause against the abusive male guards. Despite the hardships, Valverde couldn't be anyone but herself-she never has and never will hide.

Valverde's fierce strength is evident in the film as she talks about a time when even other LGBT people didn't want associate with her publicly because they thought she was "too out." She stressed that many of the LGBT people in her circle wanted to pass, but that she couldn't.

Valverde's story is part of an upcoming larger documentary Davila and Novoa are working on about Los Angeles LGBT history before Stonewall which they hope to complete by 2015.

GLAAD is sharing this story as part of Hispanic Heritage month. Although we strive to highlight the struggles and triumphs of Latino LGBT people throughout the year, it is important to point out during this time of official celebration that Latino LGBT people have and are making contributions to the larger social justice struggles and cultural realities of the United States.


September 18, 2014
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