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Curriculum Opportunities

The NC State University academic program is rich with opportunities for students to learn and study human diversity.  We are working diligently to increase the number of courses that related to the GLBT community.  There are many courses that do include topics related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

The General Education Program (GEP) includes a requirement that each undergraduate student complete one course on U.S. Diversity. The study of diversity in the United States provides students the opportunity to consider questions of difference and culture, identity and community, privilege and oppression, and power and responsibility in our nation, and to gain an understanding of how these issues affect both individuals and communities. A complete description of the US Diversity GEP requirement, objectives, and courses that satisfy the requirement are provided in Undergraduate Courses & Curricula.

GEP U.S. Diversity Course List

Current GLBT Related Courses

ENG 298 – GLBTQ in Literature
ENG 395 – Media, Literacy, and Sexuality

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