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GLBT Life Coach

Drop-In Hours

Tuesdays        4:30pm – 7:00pm
Thursdays      1:00pm – 5:00pm
Also available by appointment.
GLBT Life Coach Appointment Request Form

What is GLBT Life Coaching?

As a special project in cooperation with the Counselor Education graduate program, the NC State GLBT Center is home to Life Coaching Services for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.  These services are coordinated by our Counselor Education intern Samuel Byrd and are designed to address specific needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) college students in the areas of leadership development, academic advising, career development, and identity development and exploration.  GLBT Life Coaching involves direct consulting, advising, and mentorship in the context of the experience of GLBT individuals.  It is a relationship-centered therapy that focuses on addressing specific issues, general conditions and life transitions, personal and professional development, and helps develop a goal-oriented course of action to help students to make the most of their life here at NC State University.  Below are some of the areas in which this service is useful to our students:

Leadership Development

Developing self-awareness and leadership skills is a very important part of the college student experience for many individuals.  GLBT Life Coaching can help students by providing individual / group advising, coaching, and support in this area by emphasizing the following:

  • Developing Exemplary Practices of Leadership
    • Modeling the Way
    • Inspiring a Shared Vision
    • Challenging the Process
    • Enabling Others to Act
    • Encouraging the Heart
    • Developing Leadership Skill Sets
      • Communication/Listening skills
      • Problem Solving Skills
      • Public Speaking
      • Referrals to Leadership Opportunities both on- and off-campus
      • Assessments to increase Self-Awareness
        • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
        • StrengthQuest
        • Leadership Skills Inventory
        • Conflict Management Style
        • Etc

Academic Advising

GLBT Life Coaching provides students with quality and timely advising services to facilitate academic success, major selection, and personal enrichment.  GLBT Life Coaching helps students:

  • Personalize their Education
  • Explore and / or Change Majors
  • Sharpen Life Management Skills
    • Time Management
    • Goal-Setting (SMART Goals, 4-5 Year Plans)
    • Study Skills
    • Motivation
    • Focus and Concentration
    • Test Preparation and Test Taking Strategies
    • College Reading Strategies
    • Note Taking
    • Navigate Academic Policies, Rules, and Regulations
    • Become aware of other campus resources.

Career Development

GLBT Life Coaching can help students focus on career development by assisting in the development of:

  • An Understanding of the Legal Landscape for GLBT Individuals in the Workplace
  • Skills and Job Prep
    • Career Assessment & Goal Development
    • Resumes and Other Documents
    • Interviews
    • Internships / Externships / Co-ops
    • Articulating Campus Jobs / Experience
    • The Job Search Process
    • Professional Development

GLBT Life Coaching also provides referrals to online, campus, and community resources for Career Development.

GLBT Life- Identity Development and Exploration

GLBT Life Coaching provides students with advising, coaching, and support in areas specific to GLBT Identity Development and Exploration, including:

  • Personal Growth
  • Self-Acceptance & Self-Love
    • Embracing Sexuality / Gender Identity and Dealing with Confusion
    • Coming Out
    • Body Image and Development
    • Uncovering One’s Life Purpose
    • Spiritual Reconnection
    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Communication Skills
    • Confidence & Personal Power (Assertiveness Training)
    • Achieving Balance
    • Organization and Productivity

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