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T-Files Transgender Support Group

This is a closed student organized  support group for any transgender identified or questioning student. If you would like more information, please contact the student organizer, Ian Pike, via email at


There is a GLBT Graduate Student and Young Professionals Network (GSYPN) that meets on a rotating basis with UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University.  If you are interested please join their Facebook Group.  You can also search for GLBT Graduate and Young Professional Network at NC State University.


We also have a GLBT Alumni Constituency Group.  This is a great way to stay connected beyond your time on campus.  If you are interested please join the Facebook Group.  You can also search for NCSU GLBT Alumni Group.

Faculty and Staff Network

GLBT identified faculty and staff members affiliated with NC State University. This is a new network.

We also encourage faculty and staff to become members of the Raleigh Business and Professional Network (RBPN).  They are a networking organization for GLBT professionals that meets monthly.

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